Come on a Guided, Outdoor Journey and Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

NOVEMBER 6–8, 2020

Why come on a mini-Vision Quest? There are many reasons…

  • You feel the need for change…maybe you’re at a fork in the road or ready to take a new direction.
  • You want insight…you’re looking for your own clarity.
  • You want to tap into your positive energy for the road ahead.
  • Or rekindle your fire…maybe you’ve been stuck in a rut?
  • Or you just like new experiences that help you learn and grow.
  • Any of these reasons and more are why women come on this mini-Vision Quest.

This program is a rare opportunity…

  • You’ll have a personal journey.
  • You’ll tap into your inner wisdom.
  • You’ll discover the insights that can guide you now on your life’s path.

In this mini-Vision Quest experience, you’ll reach inwards and explore outwards to access your inner knowing and discover your own guiding insights.


Combine Guidance and Experience

Your mini Vision Quest includes:

  • A one-hour personal consultation to prepare for the mini-Vision Quest
  • The mini-Vision Quest 3-hour evening program
  • The mini-Vision Quest full-day program
  • Nutritious snacks at the evening session and fresh, healthy breakfast and lunch at the full-day program
  • A consultation with supportive resources to help you integrate your vision questing experience into your life

Support to Prepare and Integrate Your mini-Vision Quest Experience

Before the program begins, a personal one-hour call, Kathy will get to know you. She’ll ask you questions to help you clarify your intention. She’ll help you understand what’s calling you now and to prepare you to gain the most value from the mini-Vision Quest. You may be focusing on your life in general or on a chosen issue. Together, you and Kathy will also formulate a couple of simple ways you can prepare for the mini-Vision Quest. It may be as simple as sitting with a cup of tea and looking out the window. Or taking a walk. Or writing in a journal. It may be deeper focused reflection. These steps allow your subconscious to start working on your intention.

After your mini-Vision Quest, you’ll have a phone consultation and receive supportive resources to help you be responsive to your insights whether taking next steps, recognizing new feelings or thinking new ways

Take some special “Me-Time”

When you come on this mini Vision Quest experience, you’ll be taking a pause. You’ll take a small break from your usual responsibilities and your usual routines. This “me-time”, quite uncommon in our face paced lives, opens the pathway for your intuitive self.

Your intuition likes wide open time and space and this program offers you that. We’ll begin on Friday evening at the Tree House in the magical Wissahickon Park and begin to shift out of routine ways. On Saturday, we’ll open to the new day near sunrise at an outdoor fire circle which sets the tone for inspiration, connection and adventure.

Experience Nature’s Restorative Beauty

Did you know that nature restores us? Did you know that spending time in a natural setting lessen tensions and lightens our mood? When was the last time you gave yourself these simple gifts of nature?

On this mini-Vision Quest, you’ll have some time to wander along a river path or through the ancient forest being receptive to nature’s gifts. Listen to the sounds of the river and hear your inner self.  Rest under a tree and restore your natural balance. Allow Mother Nature to open your heart to new directions.


Experience a Time-Honored Tradition

On a two-hour “solo,” a traditional practice of spending time alone in nature, you’ll be receptive to an “essential encounter.” Before your solo time, you’ll explore ideas and activities to ready you for making the most of this special time. We all know that our emotions are powerful companions on our life journeys, so we’ll ready for them whether uncertainty, fear and resistance or excitement and anticipation. Your solo time offers a unique portal into the wellspring for creative change. Later, you’ll learn ways to be responsive to your special solo time and to nurture the journey story of your experience.

Welcome Inspiration and Learn from Nature’s Metaphors

Metaphors fill the natural world and can help you find inspiration and direction. Reconnect with how nature nurtures growth at each stage from seed to blossom. Be reminded that clear water flows along the stream’s bed, gathering energy to flow around rocks and other obstacles. Such simple, rich truths can be signposts to guide you on your path and to show how the way can open before you.

Find YOUR metaphors for change and growth.  Explore how to turn a metaphor into a guiding image or story and discover how this can help you find the next steps that, deep inside, you know are right for you.

What metaphors will you find that offer their insights and heartfelt answers? How will they a shift your perspective and inspire new vision?

Connect with Other Women

During this Friday evening and Saturday program, you’ll be part of a supportive circle of women and feel a special sense of community. Sharing together in small group conversations, with creative and reflective activities and during meals, an easygoing sense of togetherness develops. As we relate with each other about life’s challenges and joys, a beautiful connection occurs. Whether you’re the type person who shares a lot, a little or not at all, you’ll feel a sense of community in a space where no one judges herself or others.

Your Mini Vision Quest Includes

  • A one-hour personal consultation to prepare for the Vision Quest
  • The mini-Vision Quest 3-hour evening program
  • The mini-Vision Quest full-day program
  • Nutritious snacks at the evening session and fresh, healthy breakfast and lunch at the full-day program
  • Creative supplies and give-ways
  • A consultation with supportive resources to help you integrate your vision questing experience into your life

Kathy Garrett, Ph.D.

Kathy Garrett, Ph.D. Certified Retreat Leader and Soul Collage ® Facilitator will personally prepare you and guide you to get the most out of your quest. She has made all of her most important life decisions by learning to use and follow her inner wisdom. In this program, she will guide you to use these important approaches and integrate them into your life.

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The three retreats of Spring Into Spring in April, Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat in June and the mini-Vision Quest for Women in November are wonderful to take as a series. You’ll go deeper and learn more. Sign up here for the series and receive a $75 discount.

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